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Week of the Year Alfred Extension

It probably does not come as a shock that at the Post, all of our code is stored in git. Everyone seems to have a particular philosophy about how to manage where features are developed, where production code is kept, how often the two are merged, etc etc.

One thing we do is keep our production code in branches named with the following format: {Year}.{Week of Year}. So, for example, this week’s branch is 2013.7.

I had a lot of problems getting behind this strategy for one simple reason: who can remember what the current week of the year is? But the system was not going away.

After almost 7 months of way too many Google searches for “current week of the year”, I finally got smart, and wrote an Alfred extension that would display the current week of the year in the Notification center.

Turns out, it was aggressively easy. The entire code involved in the whole process is this:

ruby -e 'puts"%V")'

Now, through the magic of Dropbox, I’m going to share it with the internet. You can download the extension here.

Disable iTerm 2’s animation display

Thanks to HackerNews user shabble, here’s a trick to be able to delay iTerm 2’s annoying animation display:

defaults write com.googlecode.iterm2 HotkeyTermAnimationDuration -float 0.00001

It’s done wonders for making it feel more responsive. Now, if only I could disable the animation delay for switching between spaces on the Mac …

I’ve never been woken up at night by someone saying “Oh, this code’s ugly.” I’ve never gotten paged because my Clojure is inelegant.
The only explanation I can find for this “striking lack of empathy” is self-absorption. In asking how a paragon of virtue could have behaved like such a thoroughly bad guy, the only available answer is that Paterno fell prey to the single most corrosive sin in sports: the belief that winning on the field makes you better and more important than other people.


Pulitzer prize winning reporter Charlie LeDuff left the New York Times to cover his hometown, Detroit (our interview about that is here). Now, he’s reporting for the local Fox affiliate, where he produced maybe our favorite local newscast story ever.

Sexting, shameless judge + a reporter doing stand-ups in Ray-Bans + a distorted voice modulator interview = our favorite non-MCA related thing on the internet today.

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My favorite track off B.o.B’s new album. Overall, I don’t think it is as good as the first album, but this song is pretty freaking sick.